Apps every freelancer must use to boost productivity

November 14, 2018

Serious freelancers value every minute in a day. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or part-time freelancer, you must value your time and resources. Besides using the best suitable communication apps such as Skype, Slack, email clients and so on, the better you can manage your workflow, the greater incoming transaction will be possible. Today I’ll tell you about some apps you must use to boost your productivity.

Note Taking Apps

As a freelancer, you should use at least one note taking app to jot down quick notes, ideas and thoughts. Note takers can also store to-do lists, save web pages, annotate documents and do more. A note taking app could act as a reminder as well. Some of the popular note takers are:

Productivity Trackers

How much productive worker you are? It has a crucial impact on your freelancing career. The more productivity means the more ability to work, which eventually translates into money. If you don’t want to share your time logs with your clients, at least track time for your own revision. Some time tracker apps you may use:

Cloud File Sharing Apps

While working on a project, you may often share files and documents with clients and co-workers. Email attachments are a bit old fashioned and time-consuming. Cloud-based file sharing apps can save your time a lot. Some of the popular cloud services are:

Bookkeeping and Budgeting Apps

Bookkeeping apps will help you keep records of your income and expenditure. One can live a more disciplined and easy life by keeping an eye on his/her cash inflows and outflows. Budgeting is also important to better manage money in your life. Some apps can make your budgeting and bookkeeping easier:

Invoicing Apps

If you work via freelancing marketplaces like Upwork and Freelancer, you may not need an invoicing system, because these marketplaces generate invoices for you automatically. But if you are an independent individual who has clients outside those marketplaces, can use invoicing apps to generate billing documents. Some of these apps are:

I haven’t mentioned communication apps in a separate point because these are the beginning point of freelancing contracts. Since I’ve mentioned about them in the first paragraph, so I believe you will have no confusion with their necessity.

Which app else you think a freelancer must use? Please share via comments.

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